Jan Blomqvist feat. Elena Pitoulis - More (Official Music Video)

Jan Blomqvist feat. Elena Pitoulis - More (Official Music Video)

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Published: 5 Pebruari 2016

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Jan Blomqvist feat. Elena Pitoulis - More (Official Music Video)

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Having earned its place on Jan Blomqvist's forthcoming album, 'More' rises as the cut that is both inexplicably enthralling and atmospheric. Made possible by the unparalleled production skill of the Berlin-based producer, it emerges as one of the most captivating Deep House tunes to date, teeming with awe-inspiring elements and addictive traits. If you take even the slightest liking in Deep House, you'd do well to have a listen.

Jan Blomqvist tour dates: http://bit.ly/1K2oymp

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Video Credits:

Vocals: Jan Blomqvist, Elena Pitoulis
Music: Jan Blomqvist, Felix Lehmann
Piano, Synths: Felix Lehmann
Dums: Christian Dammann
Lyrics: Jan Blomqvist, Ryan Mathiesen

director: Bernard Wedig
director of photography: Philip Reinhold
dancer: Shoko Nakamura
choreography: Carla Oya
casting, choreography assistant: Michal Fatura
Hair & Make UP: Franziska Nordt & Carolin Langer
producer: Christian Dammann
gaffer: Pepi Rick
telecine: Stefan King